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Say Hello to our Pre-Kindergarten Team!

Pre-K Group



PreK Lunch: 11:00-11:30


PreK Teachers: Ms. S. Brock – Aide: Ms. Ferrell, Ms. Newby – Aide: Ms. Deen, Mrs. Hoedebeck – Aide: Ms. Dias, Mrs. Lester – Aide: Mrs. Wynn, Mrs. C. Brock – Aide: Mrs. Dubose, BIL: Mrs. Irizarry – Aide: Mrs. Reyes

Head Start Three Teachers: Ms. Asher – Aides: Ms. Ketchum & Ms. White, Mrs. Mulkey – Aides: Mrs. Howell & Ms. Ward

Head Start Four Teachers: Mrs. Cox – Aide: Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Danks – Aide: Ms. Haber